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Content Creation & Development
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We are story tellers and truth seekers. From concept to screen, our team engages in the story line to bring forward a fully faceted chronicle of life, reality and tales untold. 

Between our dedicated team and carefully selected contractors, we bring to you a fully rounded production team from the development stage to filming, producing to marketing. We may be small scale, but we do it all, we do it big and we do it well.

We have skilled consultants offering their knowledge and experience of the paranormal including supernatural studies and practices, history, theories, and scientific application with first hand experience as investigators. Having consulted on diverse projects, our consultants have a wealth of knowledge, being able to advise on real accounts of the paranormal adding depth and heightened realism to your project. 

Typically, we create and produce our own content from concept reality series to small screen documentaries, historical reference and promotional content, corporate initiatives, and social media streams. From initial concept to incorporating our brilliant team of writers, researchers and scouts, the adventure evolves with commitment and sincerity from beginning to end.

Our team of dedicated researchers gather credible information and verify facts, piecing together our stories. Ensuring we hold integrity, they take a step further, jumping down the rabbit hole to uncover the finer and lesser known details. Research is quintessential to the higher level content we produce.