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President/Executive Producer/Creative Director

The creator and producer of the current projects taken on by Paradventure Entertainment, Andrea has a distinct vision for her ideas. Wanting stories told with conviction, layers of truth and leaving viewers feeling enthralled, Andrea's intent is to pull the audience directly into the story. 


Andrea's experience includes consulting on various tv and film productions, reference support for local authors, and subject matter expert in the field of paranormal studies and folklore and related history.  Andrea has experience both on set as cast and behind the scenes in an array of positions including story creation and development, script writing, casting, filming, directing, producing and marketing.  In addition, Andrea has assisted in other productions in various aspects of these roles, working alongside partnering stakeholders in small to larger projects, and on volunteer projects for fundraising campaigns, promotional videos as well as corporate productions.  Andrea's specific interests are in "real" reality television and compelling documentaries, but she also has a genuine enthusiasm to work on an array of projects she feels are authentic and sincere.  



L.A. is an experienced and professionally trained researcher who supports the team in sourcing credible information and resources.  L.A. specializes in gathering the hard to find information and specific criteria fine tuned for our story lines.  She finds the depths of truth sought out for our stories.  









Locations & Casting Scout/Consultant

Experienced in the industry, Matilda specializes in locations, casting and sourcing niche requirements for our projects. As a networking resource, she is instinctively skilled at sourcing credible casting options and scouting unique and one of a kind locations.  Matilda’s highly skilled talents range from photography to being a specialized consultant in all aspects of the paranormal, metaphysics and beyond the unimaginable.       




Our crew is a combination of professional and skilled volunteer members, both dedicated and contracted to work on our various projects.  




We do in-house producing of our projects and co-assist with these elements when partnering with other stakeholders.


Our technical support is a combination of in-house members and contracted skilled professionals.


Marketing & Social Media

We have a well collaborative team that does our in-house marketing and social media management.