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How far are you willing to go to tell the story? For us, as far as it takes to dive levels deep, unraveling the layers of truth. Some only peer down the rabbit hole, fearing they will fall, whereas we take a deep breath and jump without hesitation. We are here to bring the adventure to you.

Established in 2018, we are production company founded on Vancouver Island and based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We have a small, but incredibly hard working and dedicated team with grand ambitions.


With our developing projects, we create and produce our own concepts. We've also been involved, and at times partnering, in other select projects.  

Our goal is to bring forward compelling and adventurous intrigue, capturing our viewers intense curiosity. Our stories are told with a deeper meaning and a broader view. We don't want to tell the same stories over with limited viewpoints. We want to take our viewers on adventures as if they were embarking on the experience themselves. Engrossed in the journey, compelled by the emotions and intrigued by a full-faceted tale is what we want our viewers to experience.

Our focus is set on producing a reality series concept in a docu-series format. We also have interests in producing an array of compelling documentaries from real life original stories, social experiments, to exciting adventure expeditions and tales of the unknown. Our vision is to enthrall our viewers with captivating and high-octane content. We tell stories how they've never been told before. 

What sets us apart is that we invoke authenticity and realism, revealing the full spectrum of each of our projects.  

We welcome you on our journeys from creation to the big screen. 

Thank you for your support and interest in what we are doing!